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What is DRECP?  Heads-up! video
After 8 years of hard work . . . . Never mind!
Trump orders DRECP Review
Beginning in 2011 federal and State authorities studied criteria for the development of utility scale renewable energy installations
on public and private lands within the California Desert. This joint effort is called the Desert Renewable Energy
Conservation Plan [DRECP].
Over an 8-yr period, stakeholders from the public, non-profits, recreation, business, industry, labor and governments came
forward and offered comments to shape the Plan. In fall of 2016, the Plan was finalized in a Record of Decision that was
filed in the Federal Register.

Citizens, job well done, cross that off our to-do list! ... or not ...
The New Attack

In March 2017, President Trump issued executive order 13783 “Promoting Energy Independence & Economic Growth” which directs the BLM to review the DRECP including “potential burdens on domestic energy production in California without the State. To that end, BLM has reopened the DRECP and announced a schedule of scoping meetings to solicit written public comments.

This re-opening disregards the 16,000 comments offered over the 8 years of study and negotiations and could puts at risk tens of thousands of acres of recreation and conservation lands that were set aside in the recorded DRECP.

Once again the public voice is critical . . .we need to take action now!
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West Mojave Route Network Plan: Anticipated Publication Date of the West Mojave Route Network Project Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA), Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) is April 26, 2019

Filing a Protest
BLM planning regulations state that any person who meets the conditions as described in the regulations may protest the BLM’s Proposed Land Use Plan Amendment and Final Supplemental EIS. A person who meets the conditions and files a protest must file the protest within 30 days of the date that the Environmental Protection Agency publishes its Notice of Availability in the Federal Register.

The Proposed Land Use Plan Amendment and Final Supplemental EIS is available electronically on the BLM ePlanning project website at:

All protests must be in writing (43 CFR 1610.5-2(a)(1)) and filed with the BLM Director, either as a hard copy or electronically via the BLM’s ePlanning project website listed previously. To submit a protest electronically, go to the ePlanning project website and follow the protest instructions highlighted at the top of the home page (Click the "Documents" tab, then click the "Comment on Document" tab to submit a protest).

If submitting a protest in hard copy, it must be mailed to one of the following addresses:
-   U.S. Postal Service Mail: BLM Director (210), Attention: Protest Coordinator, WO-210, P.O. Box 71383, Washington, DC 20024-1383
-   Overnight Delivery: BLM Director (210), Attention: Protest Coordinator, WO-210, 20 M Street SE, Room 2134LM, Washington, DC 20003

Protests submitted electronically by any means other than the ePlanning project website will be invalid unless a protest is also submitted in hard copy.  Protests submitted by fax will also be invalid unless also submitted either through ePlanning project website documents section or in hard copy. To submit a protest electronically, visit ePlanning. For more information please see the BLM's Filing a Protest webpage here:

A Critical Item Checklist is here: